Monday, 29 February 2016

Time for Kimchi Pancakes Recipe

Thinking about korean food, first thing that comes into our mind must be kimchi, sweet sour salty spicy of Chinese cabbage pickle. Not all of it are using Chinese cabbage, you can use radish, cucumber and others, but the most traditional one is Chinese Cabbage.

With one kind of kimchi, you can make so many kinds of Korean Fusion Food. Likes kimchi fried rice, kimchi soup, kimchi pancakes, kimchi dumpling, even kimchi hotdog, and so many. Show your imagination girls!

Now, i got free kimchi from my Taiwan friends, lol not Korean. Taiwan people also loves kimchi, and after the time passes, so many Taiwan people are getting more and more skillful to make a delicious kimchi. When winter time almost finish, after Chinese new year, Chinese cabbage season is coming, it is time to make kimchi!

So lets make kimchi pancakes!! Ingredients:
1. Cut kimchi (kimchi yang sudah dipotong)
2. Onion (bawang bombay)
3. Chopped chili (cabai yang sudah dipotong)
4. Salt + Sugar (garam + gula)
5. Flour (tepung serba guna)
6. Kimchi juices (air kimchi)
7. Water (air putih)
8. Vegetable oil for fry (minyak sayur)

About how much the correct amount for you to put the ingredients, well i can't answer precisely. Depends on your spiciness level, how strong you like your kimchi flavor in the pancakes, do you like onion or not? All depends, but one thing for sure, do not afraid to put too much flour, i learn that more flour its mean more crispiness on your kimchi pancake.

I love to lightly fry my chopped chili first with a lil bit of hot oil to remove the raw chili flavor. Then put all the ingredients in one bowl, mix and stir it until you got the texture! Why put sugar? Trust me, it will be more delicious.
Heat the vegetable oil in your frying pan, and put the dough on frying pan with medium heat. Wait until the bottom side of the pancakes become golden brown, and flip it! Again, wait until the surface become golden brown, together with your spatula pressing down all the surface for removing any excess water in the middle of the dough. After that, once again flip it over, wait and follow your instinct, and its done!
So simple so easy so fast. Smell delicious, and taste great! Yummy!My hardest part was when i need to flip it over, without designed tools and courage to flip it like in the cartoon movie... LoL

This is it! Kimchi Pancakes! I tried it, it is not that i am gonna bragging about my dish (well, actually i can't really cook except trying my best), but this is great, this is delicious, so much better than the one that i ate at korean resto in Taiwan, why? My creation is strong flavor, spicy, and smell good. Just one little mistake, first time i cooked it, i can't get the crispiness that i wish for, but next time, i am sure i can make it more crispy!
There is possibility for adding some mince beef or pork, peeled prawn, or cut squid. Well, enjoy the recipe~


  1. Wow these look so yummy! My mouth is watering just looking at your photos.

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    1. thanks for stopping by and your time for give a good comment. :)