Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Cliff Jumping at Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Mornington Peninsula is famous about the hot spring, but this time I go with my friends to explore mornington’s beaches and do the cliff jumping! Wohoooo~~
If you don't have a car, don't worry, it's not a problem at all, because I just went to Mornington Peninsula with my friends by a public transportation but it's took longer than driving of course! You can just spend about 1- 1 1/2 hours if you drive your own car, but with public transportation at least you have to spend 2-2,5 hours to reach Mornington. And yeah... back and forth its took at least 6 hours.

Bring some clothes for change if you wanna play with water, sunscreen and slippers ~ don’t forget some snacks :) Yummmm....

  • How to get there? Train to Franskton then 788 bus to portsea.
Our meeting point is at Flinders Station platform 8 on 7:10am. From there we gonna take 7:25am train to Frankston station and then take a bus number 788 directly toward Portsea. With that schedule we are supposedly arrive at Frankston station at 8:30am and take 788 bus that depart from Frankston Station at 08:35am. But you know Melbourne’s train always delay always late. So we missed our bus, then have to wait for the next one at 09:25am. Waiting almost 1 hour, so find nearby stores that sell coffee and have a quick breakfast. Yeah the bus operates almost every hour, so if you miss the bus, you just need to wait for next one.

  • How much transportation cost for the trip? 15,60 $ (not incl meals).
Basically Frankston Station is still on zone 1+2 metropolitan area, so it cost you 8,60$ for daily fare metropolitan area, with that you can take unlimited ride on tram/train/bus on zone 1+2 for a day. But for the busses on Mornington, it’s count as a regional bus, the maximum fare is 7$ for a day, with that you can take unlimited ride on bus in Mornington Area for a day.

  • What to visit? Sullivan Bay, Jubilee Point, Diamond bay, Rosebud Pier, Mount Martha, The Pillars (cliff jumping).
My trip is start from Sullivan Bay, it was our first stop and we feel amaze for the view already, but in fact it’s just the beginning. The view is getting better and better.
Sullivan bay with white sand, clear sea water, and rock cliff as a background.
The Sullivan Bay Settlement History
- Feb 1802, John Murray with tiny ship named Lady Nelson (first ship that enter the treacherous Port Philip) sailed into Port Philip and saw almost noble sheet of water.
- Apr 1802, Matthew Flinders anchored off Sullivan Bay and began six days exploration of the bay then report had been made suggesting that a settlement be made because of its strategic location and because British Government worry that French might try to establish colonies there.
- Apr 1803, Lieutenant Colonel David Collins was appointed to be in charge of Sullivan Bay settlement. HMS Calcutta and transport ship named Ocean that carried convicts, free settlers, wives, marines officers and kids which are 384 men 38 women 20 boy 16 girls sailed from England and arrived on 10 October 1803. That the first British colony that established 32 years before Melbourne was founded.
- The settlers worked from sunrise to sunset, a half hour break at 8am for breakfast and an hour break for lunch. The settlers tried to grow crops at the other side of the road and tend their animals, but the soil is poor and very shortage of water. Womens preparing food. Convicts helped clear the land, built some buildings, cut some timber, some become servants of marines officer or become public servants.
- The convicts did not like work, their unfamiliar surroundings or lack of freedom, but fear of Aborigines and the bush were barriers which discouraged them to escape. Nevertheless, about 27 tried to escape, 20 returned and 6 perished in the bush or at the hand of Aborigines. Only one William Buckley escaped and survived.
- Jan 1804, Collins asked Governor King for permission to abandon the site, because of three reasons (first because lack of drinking water, secondly due security reason possibility of an attack by the Aboriginal people, and then another reason because he deeply concerned by the threat posed to his leadership by disgruntled marines). And got permission to do so. The settlement transferred to Hobart Town, Tasmania.

Then we back to the main road and wait for the next 788 bus toward portsea, about 3-5 minutes ride and stop at Russel Crescent bus stop. We are going to somewhere more beautiful. Jubilee Point and Diamond bay. It's a hot hot day.
First Jubilee Point, you have to walk about 20minutes from Russel Crescent bus stop. And you will experienced a famous Aussie activity called bush walk before reach the point. Walk to the top of the hill and OMG! The view is so spectacular!
Jubilee Point

And there is a street sign that will lead you how to reach Diamond bay, about another 10 minutes bush walk and you will find more private and nice clear water than Sullivan Bay. 
The sun is hot but the water is cool, during the hot day its feel refreshing. I wish i bring some cold beer, lol, but to be honest, you can’t drink beer at public area such as beaches or park. Well, some parks in Australia allowed you to bring beer, but some don’t. So be careful or you will get fine!
Diamond Bay, Mornington Peninsula, VIC
The yellowy rock cliff just next to you (so Australia), beautiful and unique just a good background for taking picture with.
But basically, everybody just try to hide from the sunlight, because even the wind is cold but the sun shining so bright and hot. But it is really nice weather to spend a day at the beach.

It’s around 2pm already, everybody is starving. And we are not bring anything to eat, so reminder guys, if you are planning to visit Mornington’s beaches, don’t forget to always bring snack with you. From Diamond Bay, we just walked back to the main road (with google maps as our tour leader) and find a nearest bus stop. Then we go to Rosebud Central. Here is like a small city, they have small arcade, some restaurants, kfc, domino pizza and maccas (McDonalds). We decided to have cheap lunch at kfc, and Tuesday is a chicken bucket day, 9 pcs of original chicken just only $9.95 (this is not an advertisement , lol).

After a quick lunch, I remembered to check the bus timetable and found out that the bus will come about another 1 hour. So instead of waiting idly, we decided to have a slow walk at the Rosebud Pier. It’s just a beach, long beach. 
Found a nice playground park just at the end of the beach, take a short rest and find a water tap to refill all the bottles. Here, if you bring some food or meat to eat, you can always use the public barbecue machine, and most park or playground in Australia have public barbecue machine for free use.
This playground just finished built on October 2016, that cost a Victorian Government around $3.1M.

Final stop is The Pillars. We took bus no 887 from Rosebud Pier directly toward Mount Martha, about 20 minutes ride. They called it Mount Martha Esplanade, since it’s called Esplanade I think this place is the main destination if you visit Mornington. More people gather here, and they also have Australia famous painted bathing house similar with Brighton Beach bathing house. 
Bathing Boxes Mornington Peninsula
Bay Rd bus stop is the nearest bus stop from The Pillars, from here you gotta walk about 1,8KM (30 minutes walk). We were tired, we still have a long way to go home and back to the city, everyone have to work tomorrow, if we visit there, we have to walk back to this bus stop to get home, it’s mean 1 hour walk back and forth. BUT we already here! The pillars is a must visit place, and we want to do a cliff jumping!!!! This is the one that we are waiting for. So, everyone together decided to keep walking to see the pillars.

So many people there, not to crowded, just perfect. Most of them are to afraid to jump and try to take a peek and try getting a courage to have one jump, some people just laying around sunbathing, but people mostly come here to have own guts test. Me? I am exited to jump!
Safe? It is, as long as do not be like a fool, jump into an area that have coral on it. Is it deep? It’s just fine, when you jump, you just touch the bottom of the sea with your feet. I think the water just around 2,5-3 meters deep. But then you have to know how to swim, swim to the nearby cliff after jump so you can climb back the cliff. The water is cold, soothing my entire skin, after a whole day receiving heat from the sun. But soon after I go out from the water, all my face start feel sore, ahh~ the sunburn.
View from The Pillars, Mornington Peninsula
No public toilet or store around The Pillars, and i have to change my clothes just behind the bushes.  Hahaha.... Finally it’s time to go home, tired but not exhausted since we were so happy, satisfied, and all the objectives are achieved.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Review of Batik Air, Another Indonesia's Full Service Airline

Hai hai hai, udah pada tau kan yang namanya Batik Air? Sekarang lagi hot nih di Indonesia, penerbangan yang katanya service-nya ga kalah oke dibandingkan sama Garuda, dengan harga yang lebih terjangkau. Mau tau lengkapnya?
Sekilas mengenai Batik Air, adalah anak perusahaan dari Lion Air Group yang berdiri semenjak May 2013. Kalau Lion Air sendiri merupakan low cost carrier flight alias penerbangan hemat, Batik Air adalah kebalikannya yaitu penerbangan dengan fasilitas penuh, dimana penumpang akan diberikan pelayanan gratis mulai dari bagasi, makanan selama penerbangan, dan layar tv hiburan pribadi selama penerbangan. Wasayyy!!!
Well, Sept 2017 lalu saya berkesempatan mencoba batik air dengan tujuan Jakarta-Medan. Dan serius loh, ada layar tv-nya dan berfungsi dengan baik, walaupun sensitivity touch screen-nya agak kurang bagus (macem hp kan ada kelas iphone sama kelas android).

But service-nya ga ketinggalan jaman cuy, karena selain ada layar tancap eh alias layar tv, ada colokan USB juga buat charge hp. Wowwwww, good job Batik Air! Fasilitas USB itu buat saya adalah penyelamat banget, karena hp jaman now itu karena fitur-nya banyak, dan kualitas camera juga makin hari makin bagus, jadi karena dipakai buat game en foto-foto, sebentaran udah abis itu baterai-nya. Mumpung di pesawat bisa nge-cas, why not gitu loh?!
Terus bagaimana dengan kondisi bangku dan interior? Kalau untuk bangku sih modelnya minimalis dan standar banget yah, cuman ruang untuk kaki alias leg-room cukup lega dibandingkan pesawat pada umumnya apalagi yang low cost. Dan kemarin pesawatnya dapat yang Airbus A320 loh! Maskapai penerbangan di Indonesia sampai saat ini rata-rata masih pakai Boeing. Mungkin karena itu jadinya lega. Dan memang benar, rata-rata leg-room dari maskapai penerbangan seperti Lion Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya dan Airasia hanya berjarak 29 inch. Sedangkan Garuda berjarak 31 inch. Nah Batik Air yang saya naiki kebetulan leg-room-nya berjarak 32 inch. Jadi bukan perasaan doang ya lega-nya, tapi beneran lega. Hehehe....
Kalau untuk pelayanan pramugari-nya, menurut saya so far so good lah, ga ada yang ga oke, and i love their uniform. Sangat mencerminkan Indonesia yang terkenal akan budaya batik. Elegan, dengan atasan kebaya putih, dan bawahan selendang batik panjang. So pretty! Sorry yah ga ada fotonya, buat yang penasaran boleh nanya sama mbah google.
Dan ini yang ditunggu-tunggu kalau di dalam pesawat, makanan!! Aku lupa tepatnya ditawarin apa saja pilihannya, tapi yang pasti pilihanku adalah nasi pakai bakso. Oh anyway penerbangan yang saya ambil waktu itu adalah penerbangan pagi. Sarapan oh sarapan~ Minuman hanya disediakan air putih, teh, atau kopi. Ga ada jus, jadi masih kalah nih ya critanya sama Garuda, nyahahah.... Soal rasa? not bad, sesuai lidah orang kita lah yaw.

Yang terakhir adalah soal harga. Service bagus kalau harga-ya mahal banget ya orang mikir dua kali juga. Kalau murah banget, perusahaan gimana untung? Singkat cerita (padahal ceritanya udah panjang banget yah --") Batik Air menawarkan fasilitas pelayanan yang lengkap dengan harga sedikit diatas harga rata-rata dari pesawat low cost carrier alias penerbangan hemat, namun lebih murah dibandingkan Garuda Indonesia yang sudah terkenal merupakan penerbangan kelas satu dari seluruh maskapai penerbangan di Indonesia.

Harga rata-rata penerbangan Jakarta-Medan 2017-2018, berikut daftarnya hanya untuk perbandingan, jangan dijadikan patokan yah.
- Lion Air kurang lebih 600rb / one way (free bagasi, no meals)
- Sriwijaya kurang lebih 650rb / one way (free bagasi, snacks provided)
- Citilink kurang lebih 650rb / one way (free bagasi, no meals)
- Airasia kurang lebih 670rb / one way (free bagasi, no meals)
- Batik Air kurang lebih 750rb /  one way (free bagasi, snacks & meals provided, entertainment, usb)
- Garuda Indonesia kurang lebih 1,1jt / one way (free bagasi, snacks & meals provided, entertainment, no usb)
Kalau anda, pilih yang mana? hehehe....
Sky View from Batik Air, Sept 2017

Sedikit review mengenai pengalaman saya selama penerbangan Jakarta-Medan dengan Batik air September 2017 lalu. Selain fasilitas yang sudah saya jelasin di atas dan cukup berkesan buat saya, mengenai ketepatan waktu menurut saya masih kurang. Jujur saja kalau saya menghindari banget terbang dengan Li*n air karena sudah terkenal delay-nya yang ga nanggung-nanggung. Tapi kemarin adalah penerbangan pertama kali saya dengan Batik Air, dan saya mengalami keterlambatan sekitar 30menit. Sedikit kecewa cuman ga bikin kapok kok, apalagi fasilitas dan pelayanannya cukup oke.

Selain hal itu, ada satu kejadian yang bikin saya dag-dig-dug buat milih Batik Air di penerbangan lain waktu, apakah itu? Well, di penerbangan kemarin saya mengalami turbulence yang cukup hebat, sampai-sampai ada penumpang wanita (ibu-ibu kalau tebakan saya) teriak "aaaaaaa...." . Bikin panik aja, udah panik karena turbulence yang bikin jantung berdebar, makin panik aja gara-gara ada yang pake teriak. Wahahaha... memang semuanya berjalan dengan lancar, take off dan landing tanpa ada masalah apapun dan selamat sampai tujuan, dan kembali lagi, turbulence dikarenakan kondisi cuaca, bukan karena salah si airline. But balik lagi, keterampilan si pilot dalam menghadapi turbulence dan juga kepercayaan penumpang akan brand image sebuah airline itu mempengaruhi banget loh. For me, butuh waktu untuk 99.99% trust about safety dalam penerbangan Batik Air. How about you?

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Werribee Park Mansion, Victoria

Today is my day off, yay!! So, why not go travel since I have myki pass. With myki pass, i can take unlimited ride on any bus-any tram-any train within zone 1 and 2. Wohoooo~

11:00 with my new shoes that i bought from boxing day, I take 406 bus toward Footscray Station. As i mention on the post title, my plan today is visiting Werribee Park Mansion.
How to get there?
Doesn't matter where you live or stay, just go to nearest train station and take Werribee Line toward Werribee Station, it's green color on the victorian train network map. From Werribee Station, just take a bus number 439 toward Werribee South and stop at Werribee Park Mansion.

So basically, the mansion is located inside the Werribee Park. The park itself is free to enter, but to enter the mansion you got to pay 10$ ticket. Worth or not? Well, if this the first time you visit a mansion, just try and have a look won't be hurt i guess. And just thinking of a donation, you know, an old mansion is really need a good maintenance to keep the beauty, such as roof leaks, cleaning, floor and wall repair.

12:20 just arrived at Werribee Station, but next bus on schedule will be 13:02, so waiting la...
13:02 the bus is coming, and just about 10-15minutes ride, you will be arrive at Werribee Park Mansion.

History of Werribee Park?
This area that now known as Werribee Park was first occupied by three clans "The Woirorung", "The Wathaurung", and "The Bunurong". (I guess they are an aboriginal clans.)
In 1800s, groups and family that led by brothers Thomas and Andrew Chirnside settled the area. With their motto "do or die", finally they created a vast pastoral empire, grazing sheepover 90,000 acres of land surrounding Werribee River, selling wood and claim a great profit. An opulent Italian style mansion together with surrounding gardens completed in 1877, which is known as Werribee Mansion now.
In 1921 as Victorian society developed, new laws and taxes were introduced, its hard for them to keep the glory. The family sold Werribee Park to Corpus Christi College, a training ground for young men whose seeking to enter priesthood.
1973, Victorian Government acquired the Werribee Park and progressively restored the remaining 400 hectares of land to its former glory.

First, i visit State Rose Garden, it's free to enter, and located next to Werribee Park. If you love enjoy the scenery of flower garden, then this might be on your must visit list. Rose is identically being red color, but here... you can find yellow pink purple or white rose.
Not so many visitor come, even it's still on school holiday season. So i found it peaceful and quite.
So if you were from tropical country like me, Indonesia, you might be wondering, why western people love sunbathing or doing picnic under the sun, it must be hot and how come you enjoy the picnic if its so hot? Well, even the sun shining so bright, you won't feel hot because the wind and the weather also different. It's about 20 degree Celsius during that day. And i never take off my cardigan since the wind is quite cold.

After finish taking some memorable pictures, i continue my walk to the Mansion. And i greeted by a beautiful mansion together with their beautiful little garden on the front.

This little garden was called "Parterre", in french word meaning "on the ground". During the era, to build and maintain a parterre like this is hard and cost a lot, you have to hire some full time gardeners to do the seeds, preparing the beds, planting, pruning, weeding, trimming, and watering.

Brother Thomas and Andrew Chirnside's success is shown on the Parterre and the big luxurious mansion. Yes, a parterre is to created an impressive floral display while showcasing the substantial wealth of the owners.

With 10$ let's go to see what's inside the mansion, a 60-room Italianate Mansion built from 1874 to 1877, a result of the successful partnership between Scottish squatters Thomas and Andrew Chirnside.

Thomas's Unrequited Love
1838, Thomas Chirnside left his homeland of Scotland with few hundred pounds in his pocket, a bible and a dreams of a new life. He invested largely in stock and the land. His younger brother, Andrew joined his bold venture in 1841, and together they are set about building a lucrative pastoral empire.

1845, with the business progressing well, Thomas returned to Scotland for a visit, remained a couple years and fell in love with his first cousin, Mary Begbie and asked her hand in marriage, but her parents did not approve. So he ventured back to Australia alone.

With Thomas safely back, Andrew finalized plans for his first trip home. But before leaving, his older brother Thomas asked a favor, to bring Mary back to Australia any way he could. 1852, Andrew returned to Australia accompanied by Mary as his wife. Thomas never married.

Thomas still keep the love toward Mary, and wanted Mary to reside in a home of stature and serenity that unrivaled in Victoria. Therefore, he and Andrew build an elaborate 60-rooms Italianate Style Mansion at their Werribee Park property. Using the finest materials and expertise the Mansion was built in three years for Andrew and Mary Chirnside and their three children.

Thomas took permanent residency at his nearby property in Point Cook until his last few years, where he joined Andrew and Mary in the mansion at Werribee Park. Thomas and Andrew passed away in 1887 and 1890. Tragically, Mary died from a terrible accident in 1908, her hair caught alight from a bedside candle, and she did not recover.

Now, lets take a peek what inside the building. Free peek from bazk3t blog :)
The Drawing Room
The Drawing room is a focal point of the mansion, the place where guests were received and where the ladies withdrew after dinner. This was also the room in which ladies carried out their art and craft work such as detailed embroideries and complex lace work.

In late 19th century, the furniture like all in that rooms of the house was supplied and shipped in 58 cases and insured for five thousand pounds.
Dining Room
Billiard Room
The Billiard Room was a focal point of the Bachelor's Wing. In 1880s, this section is considered a male domain (just like a game room in nowadays). Did you see stuffed spaniel dog at the back? Well even it's not an original, but we do know that Thomas Chirnside did have one of his dog stuffed after its death.
Stairs to the second floor
The Saloon
The Saloon, the finest architectural space in the mansion, served as a combined picture gallery and sitting room, and when the family was entertaining a ballroom its gonna be. When the sallon was used for balls, the orchestra would sit in the vestibule at the far end. Due to clear construction of the space, the sound would travel throughout the house. The vestibule is noted for its well preserved stenciled and gilt domed ceiling. The stenciling throughout the mansion contains 24 carat gold leaf.
The housemaids were responsible for keeping rooms such as this clean and tidy. They should bring up hot water for used on the washstand in the corner of the room, and clear away the slops, without ever intruding on the comfort of the occupants of the room. The fireplace also needed constant care and attention. In the winter, the fire need to be lit, kept stocked, and then cleaned and re-lit. The delicate nature and color of the angora rug in front the fireplace meant that it had to be properly and frequently cleaned.
Children Bedroom
In late 19th century, wealthy parents had little involvement in the raising of their children.
The Blue Bedroom
Do you know that on the late 1870s and early 1880s, noble female need to wear corset and torso? I imagining myself wear that things that gonna become a painful torture.
You will find some of the room is quite old and a little bit spooky, but then you can always go outside balcony to enjoy the garden from the second floor of the mansion.

And a hidden courtyard at the back of the mansion, was a service area used by the servants in the course of their daily duties.

15:34 take train back to city. Spend about 2 hours to visit the mansion and the rose garden, since i traveled alone so i spent less time. But for you guys, i suggest that come early morning to visit the zoo first, while the zoo just located next to Werribee Park. Zoo in Werribee is different with Melbourne zoo. Werribee Open Range Zoo is an African themed zoo. I definitely will coming back next time to visit the open range zoo!