Sunday, 13 December 2015

There is always a first time! Le Petit Cochonnet - Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Today i am starting to learn how to enjoy, tasting, and appreciate the red wine. Actually it is not the first time, i had so many kind of wine before this, but counting from today is the beginning for me to drink one little glass of red wine every day for a healthier life. So let see...

And this young 2014 cabernet, for me? Is too tasteless, this is really for first timer, not for me. The taste doesn't have a bitterness, very light or weak i think, and doesn't have a strong aroma. I don't like sour wine, this is not sour, but when you let your tongue really try to enjoy and tasting the wine, only the sourness that awakes, no sweet no bitter.

Well, this is a perfect wine for first timer. But once again, if u like this kind of wine, i am not telling you are beginners or anything, because liking the wine is about art. Everyone have different standards and different favorite.

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