Sunday, 9 July 2017

Short Flight of Singapore Airlines, Best in Asia

SQ the flight code of Singapore Airline, the most famous flight service in Asia. Safe, good service, and expensive one. When people selling Jakarta-Singapore round trip ticket on 1-1,5million rupiah, he sell on 2-3million rupiah. Why people still choosing this airline when other's also give almost the same service, almost the same but not 100% same, but much more cheaper than SQ.

Took Jakarta-Singapore flight this June 2017, 1 hour 50 minutes with Singapore Airline. This is full service airline, with 30kg of baggage allowance. They have first class, business class, and economy class. Of course i took economy class la, can't afford to take more than that for now, hoping have a chance one day to try more than economy class.
The flight was on-time. One point for SQ. For short trip, SQ use big airline made by boeing company, the seat configuration is 3-3-3. No pillow or blanket for this short flight, a little disappointed. I think other airline can offer the same service or better. But then i remembered, the gap between chair is really spacious! That's make Singapore Airline more comfortable than other's.

Then I explored the entertainment, songs and movies. Standard la, nothing special. And you can't use the service when take off, taxi, or landing. But minus one point for SQ, no USB charger for your gadget, this is very important in this era i think. Then they served the meals.

Okay, i get it. Do you? They use stainless spoon. And they don't mind if some people took that home secretly. LoL. Another point earned because of perfectness. How about the taste? Normal la, not bad, but not so great at all. Fish rice first and then I chose Omelette on my fly back. Others choosing nasi lemak which is not so appetizing for me, but i don't think its bad since they have some pieces of fish fried, eggs, and "kriuk-kriuk".
"Fish rice or beef with mashed potato?" Ask the beautiful lady on uniform. They are beautiful, and i love their shoes!! Uniform from head to toe. And the men, make my heart melt a little. The young one is like korean artist boy (not my type, but yes good looking man) and the older one have nice and warm look. Just imagine it guys, i can't give you the photo, since its not polite to take their picture without ask their permission. Plus one point.

Then how about the flight? Well it was smooth flight, but i think its not up to airline, the weather condition is the determinant. Take off and his landing was not so smooth, at all. And the sound of the wheel when come out or come in was quite harsh and shocking when there is *bump!!* voice. But safe? Yes, i rarely heard anything about any accident happen with Singapore Airline, when they have some trouble, they can handle the flight and let every passanger return safely.

Yap, safety and perfectness is the main point that make people choosing Singapore Airline, best airline service in Asia, they just think its worth to spend. But speak the truth, my heart still with MH. Thank you SQ for giving good service.

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