Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Stewed Clam with Rice Wine and Butter

By seeing youtube, i found out cooking is so simple, and easy. Taiwan have so many fresh big water clam, you can found it anywhere, traditional market or in any supermarket such as carefour. So i decided to cook with local ingredients, make a simple delicious meal. 
Stewed clam with rice wine and butter. I tasted in one of Taiwan's famous night market before, Feng Chia Night market. Then today, i want to make it by myself, who knows i can open my own stand and sell it in the future. Hahaha

- 600gram of fresh water clam
- 2 table spoons if rice wine
- unsalted butter
- a lil touch of salt and sugar
Well, as you know, cooking is an art and feel, i don't think we can cook with exact designed ingredients only. So improve baby! 

First tried, i was using too much rice wine and only 2 small packed of salted butter, plus salt. But later on, i knew it, don't put too much rice wine, rice wine is only for let the clam cooked with fat richness with juices. So 2 table spoons is enough.
Then, using only unsalted butter, or you will only tasted the saltiness, not the sweet taste of the water clam. And don't afraid put it too much. 3 table spoons of butter will make a tasty meal.
A little touch of salt and sugar if you want, i don't think its needed. Put all the things in one pot, cover it (must cover to let it cooked fast), then cook with high heat about 2minutes.
Until all the clams are opening one by one, and the bubble from the rice wine rise up. Then open the lid and serve! Yum~~~


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