Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hundred Years of Lukang Old Street Trip

I have been Lukang Old Street Street before, first time i went there i didn't feel any interest of the place, but after again and again visit, i just fall in love, old street with delicious local food and cheap snacks.

Lugang (read: Lu Kang) is a small township located in ChangHua County, Taiwan, and very easy to reach there from Taichung. You can choose the bus transportation from Taichung Train Station or from Chaoma. There is one direct bus that take highway from Taichung, yesss bus line no: 9018.

Bus line no 9018 is serving from Lukang-Taichung-Lukang (dont be afraid miss the station, because the last stop is just lukang old street). If you depart from / to Taichung Train Station then it will cost 95ntd/pax. But if you take the bus from / to Chaoma it only cost 68ntd/pax. Approximately 45minutes. Just remember to prepare just right amount of money, because the bus in Taiwan never give change to you. And this bus 9018 is not accepting Easy Card also!! so just prepare the cash.

I go to Lukang from Chaoma Taichung before, and when i prepare to used Easy Card, the driver said must pay in cash, and when i asked him, he said it cost 95ntd/pax, so i just pay 200ntd for 2 persons, but i got fooled, actually it only cost 68ntd/pax. So just be smart! Also when you go back to Taichung, the driver will tell you to pay 95ntd, but if you only to Chaoma, just tell the driver until Chaoma and just pay 68ntd for transportation fee.

So just see the map, its easy to understand, when you take off from the bus, just go backward and across the road, just walk around 2-5 minutes and there will be small road with red brick wall all surround on the road, there it is. Welcome to Hundred Years Old Street.

Start point of the Main Journey
Inside, there is so many things to see, you can buy some local snacks while walking and enjoying the scenery, and don't forget visit the old store one by one, so many traditional kid's toys that's so interesting.  Other than that, there are some old temple that for some people is very interesting. And the famous one is Matzu Temple (read: machu), if you are lucky enough, sometimes you can see their traditional ritual for worshiping their god, with the big god doll dancing, praying and worshiping.

I prefer go to Lukang during any season except summer, why? Its crazy hot there during summer, first time i go there during summer, so many people go there because it was summer holiday, and plus they were performing ritual on that day, so crowded! But if you doesn't bother too much about the sun and the sweat, well i doesn't have anything to say...

These are my food journey on Lukang, and i recommend all those for u who visit lukang, but i just forgot the price for some of them... But i guarantee all are in good deal!

Hot fishball soup(left) 10NTD, a perfect time during cold winter. Clear plain light fishy hot but just perfect and delicious. Fried moachi with peanut sugar flavor (right) 12NTD-if i'm not wrong, crunchy outside and chewy inside, sweet and so peanuty~~~

I can say this is the legendary taro meat cake... Hahahaha! Everytime you visit Lukang, you must buy this bun or cake? Well it is like a cake but it is also like a bun. There are so many shop that selling this kind of cake, but only this shop that have so many local customer that queuing and patiently wait only for this little cake! Chewy, meaty, aahhh~~~~ just eat by yourself la, it is damn delicious! LoL

Me myself?! I was queuing around 30minutes, standing and waiting until they done cooking perfectly just right.  Fresh meat inside, taro slices outside, then go to steaming oven. Some local visitor just buy 10pieces-30pieces for bring it home. And if the slots are sold out, then you need to wait again for the next round.
another side of Lukang Old Street
Keep walking until reaching big intersection, and you can see the old Matzu Temple. And then i just go toward Zhongshan Road (turn right after you reach big intersection), because its also the way to go home. And i found this little bun shop that very intimidating. Hahahaha... Maybe because i was hungry that time, but then i didn't regret it.

Address: 384 Zhongshan Road, Changhua-Lukang, Taiwan
One big warm meat bun with egg yolk inside. I will buy it again next time, i promise you hey yummy bun! I always eat this kind of bun while i was in Indonesia, but then, it is hard to find this kind meat bun (meat with egg yolk bun inside) in Taiwan. I though meat bun originally from China or Taiwan, but surprisingly Indonesia make a delicious rich meat bun better than here.

Then, one last stop before go back to reality, i  mean go home... :) Stomach still a little bit empty, well cold weather makes you keep eating and eating. LoL Then i see one small restaurant that selling hot mushroom porridge.

Simple dish but yet so flavorish~~~ Unamed little restaurant, but recommended! My bf love it also. How to find it? Just keep walking on the Zhongshan Rd, you will passing police station and firefighter base camp on your left, its mean you already on the right path. Walk again around 200meters, you will passing small temple on your left again, and thats it! The restaurant just around in front of the temple.

That's was my closing dinner. And this is me starting to make vblog, about food around Lukang Old Street, hope you guys can enjoy it!!

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