Friday, 24 April 2015

Grilled cheesy sandwich and guarantee everyone love it~

I know its very common, but have u tried it yourself? Some yes some no... however, how about try it today, take a picture of the melting cheese and share it to your friends, absolutely everyone will drooling! LOL

So the ingredients is very easy, just prepare the butter or margarine, cheese and bread. But u can add others ingredients that u feel fit. I myself add some chili paste, salt, and black pepper. But the margarine that i used is not really recommended, try to use butter for better taste.

First heat the pan, meanwhile spread the butter into both sides of the bread. After that set the fire into low-medium heat, and grilled the bread, wait until its really cooked so u will get crispy taste outside and creamy taste inside. Add a lil bit cooking oil if u have for make the bread more crispier.

Always check the bread, don't leave the bread or else it will be burned, then cook another side of the bread, do the same thing. While grilling another side of bread, you can spread the others ingredients (chili paste, salt, and black pepper).

The main point, just put the cheese as much as u want. I use a simple cheddar cheese, lets see what is your favorite cheese... Last, put the bread become one set, and seal the cheese inside the bread.

Let the bread become crispy, melting cheese inside the bread, then cut it half,, and enjoy~~~ See how beautiful it is~~~ Yummmm...

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