Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fresh Fun Delicious Kiwi Juice

Some people may not like kiwi juice, its because too sour and feel a lil bit itchy inside the throat after drink it. But do you know how healthy is kiwi fruit?

So lets try this recipe, and drink kiwi juice will be more fun. I got this while i lived in Taiwan, and you know already that Taiwan famous about their beverage tea drink shop which is stand at every side of the road. I got a chance to learn the art of beverages. Hahaha...

Ingredients :
- 3pcs of peeled kiwi
- 3bottles of yakult
- 40cc of peppermint syrup or u can change it using fresh mint leaves which is more healthier
- 60cc of sweet honey
- 3 cups of ice cube (1cup about 170gr)
- 150cc of water

And.....Blend it all together~~~~~!!!
This is for 2 glass of 700cc, serving for 2-4people.

If too cold, reduce the ice cube, 1cup ice cube=140cc water.
If too sweet, reduce the honey.
If too lazy to make? Just come to Taiwan and buy it at beverage drink shop :p cost around 60nt/glass.

So the main point is yakult, to let the taste more fun, and the peppermint also the key to let it feel refreshing when we sip and not feel like itchy inside throat. And this is it....

Just enjoy it~~~

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