Monday, 22 July 2013

Lemon Macaroons with Buttercream Filling

Macaroon Macaroon Macaroon.... Its getting more and more famous recently, even its easy to find all the ingredients but the facts its not so easy to make! Well, its my first time to make a macaroon cookies, but happily its done perfectly (well not really perfect, but its done quite good!). Actually i am not do this one all alone, but together with my classmate which is a good friend who invited me to helping her to make this Lemon Macaroons with Buttercream Filling.

What are the ingredients? Its on the picture bellow. Just check it out :)

So... This is the things that i think quite important for make a macaroon.
- all the tools must be completely clean without any trace of oil or other things, including water!
- the eggs must not fresh one, leave it in air temperature about 2-3days, and don't u put the eggs inside the refrigerator.
- the white eggs, should whisked it until really really really stiff peak!
- when you fold the two mixtures, just fold it gently, not whisk it!!!
- after u pipe it out, this is (i think) the trick for the foot. Let it dry for a while before you bake it. Cooling it off until when u touch it gently, the mixtures not sticked on your hand. And also, the longer the better. I wait about 30minutes-1hour before i put it on the oven.

Some problem is show up even after u find your macaroons done good, what is it? When u try to peel it off from the bread paper. They are trying hard to keep stick with the paper, hahaha but after you let it cool down, its become more easier. So be patient girls :)
Sometimes its crack on the surface, but its okay, when u bake cookies its happens! Not all of it crack of course :) and even my macaroon's foot not so tall, but its looks nice don't you think? Especially the fat one, LoL....

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