Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fat High Calories and VERY Delicious N.Y CheeseCake

Again! She is so nice and again she invited me to do a cake things together. Yeay~~~ First we planned to make a simply decorated roll cake, but sadly its doesn't turn out right. And too bad its ended on trash bin. Yeah, making cakes and when its gone wrong its become a wasted.

Well after that suddenly the planned need improvised lol! And she decided to make a new one, but instead a roll cake, we make new york cheesecake. Actually i prefer called it fat high calories and unhealthy cake but seriously deeply delicious, GOD! Hahahah

Its pretty simple, but the ingredients a little bit expensive. Of course la, cheese gitu loh! And its takes a while before u can served it. Why?? First baking time cost a lil' bit long than usual. Then we need to cool it down before served.

I hope someday i can make it on my own kitchen :) Well thezeeee are the ingredients and how to do notes! Nothing important that need to noted, because i think its not hard to make. Patient is the key before u can serve and eat.

And tarahhhh~~~~ finally after the cakes have a perfect yellow color also have a little burned on the top, and of course its cold already, u can take it our from the bake ware and serve and dont forget to take a picture of it :) This picture is snapped by my friend! Look nice eh?

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