Sunday, 19 May 2013

Soft Cupcakes, Original from Westerner

Keunggulan membuat cupcakes adalah bahan-bahan yang sangat mudah di dapat, cara pembuatan yang simple dan tidak memakan waktu, serta proses baking yang hanya memakan waktu sekitar 15-20menit. Dan hasilnya selalu sukses karena walaupun ga sukses selalu bisa d buat jadi sukses dengan add topping dan decorating. Hahaha...

First of all, ingredients??? Dengan bahan yang setakaran ini, dapat membuat 7-10 cupcakes.
- 125gr Butter
- 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
- 1/2 a cup Sugar
- 2 eggs
- 1 cup Baking Flour
- 2 teaspoon Baking Powder
- 1/4 cup milk
Thats all~

Now, How to do it?
First, mix Butter with Sugar with fork. Try to press it hard and fast, so the sugar and butter become ones. And after mixed well, add eggs one by one while you mix it again, now with manual mixer. After mixed well of course, add flour and vanilla essence and also the baking powder. Now, go! Mix mix mix mix... hahaha...
Mixed well? Don't forget put the milk into the bowl. Now the things get more watery.

Now, you have to use your feeling. If you feel to watery, you will need put more flour. But slowly, dont get too much. Hmm, until its looks perfect. I don't really know how much exactly the extra flour. *Sorry...

And done! Now prepare the tray, and fill the cup with the dough. And put it in the oven. Oh right!!! One thing that you have to remember is, don't put the tray into the cool oven! So u have to warm up the oven a little bit, before you really bake the dough. And set the timer about 15-20minutes. If you feel the cup full enough, you should set 20mins for the timer. But right now, i make the small one, so the cup is not full enough, so 15mins is fine.

Tadah~~~~~ Its like magic when you see the dough growing. Hhahaha... Its because the baking powder. Like magic powder to me. Looks perfect. Hmm, and smell sooooo delicious. Nom nom nom.... Well, before you start decorating, just wait a little bit, let the cakes cool down. While you were waiting, you can start to prepare the decorating ingredients. Anything you like of course :)

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