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Let's go Backpacker to Malaysia!!

Wednesday, 5sept2012

Beli tiket dari setahun yang laluuu tiket PP AirAsia JKT-KL-JKT 2pax dengan total 550rb without baggage. Bayangin murahnya!! 2 orang lhooo, pulang pergi lhooo!! Hehhe Memang AA kl lg murah, murah gila!!! Penerbangan AA sekarang baik international or domestic depart from terminal 3 bandara soekarno hatta. This is for the first time i stand inside Terminal 3, wow good! Seluruh Lounge malah lebih lengkap dibandingkan dengan terminal 2. Starbuck juga sudah buka di sini.

T-3, Soekarno Hatta Airport
Tepat jam 2:30pm waktu Malaysia yg lebih cepat 1 jam dibanding waktu Jakarta, pesawat telah berhenti sempurna di LCCT alias bandara ngirit alias Low Cost Carrier Terminal. On Time!

Lhoo? Skrg sudah tidak perlu mengisi E/D card lagi toh. Itu loh kartu kedatangan dan keberangkatan. Sama seperti di Indo-Jakarta, sudah tidak perlu lagi isi2 gituan. Begitu tiba langsung ke immigration for visa on arrival. Yap passporku bertambah lagi 1 cap. Langsung follow the sign for claim baggage. Omg, bagasi udh berdiri sendiri di lantai, cepet banget. Tinggal tarikkkk.

The Pink One is Mine!!
After that, just follow the exit door, and u can find all the bus ticket counter for KL Sentral destination, the main station of Kuala Lumpur. Or even if u want go to genting, there is also direct bus from LCCT now! Services by AeroBus. I buy return ticket because i will board with Airasia again later. The normal price is 8RM for one way using AeroBus, 9RM for using SkyBus. But because i buy return ticket, i got 14RM/pax (AeroBus). Exit to outdoor area, and just go through the left, follow the sign to bus station. You will pass the domestic terminal too.

The bus is like damri in Jakarta, but i think Damri is cleaner than this bus. The bus depart ontime. U can have the bus schedule from the counter ticket before when u buy tickets. 3:30pm the bus start moving.

Inside AeroBus
1 hour later we arrive at KL Sentral Station. Very dusty because there still under construction in front of the bus stop for passenger in and up. From KL Sentral we buy ticket for genting-kl sentral first for 13sept. It cost us 10,3RM/pax for bus ride and cable car also. And then we go straight to monorail KL Sentral station, which is take a long way because we bring a big luggage with us.

KL Sentral Station
Our night in Kuala Lumpur will be spend on CheckMate guesthouse which is located in Bukit Bintang area. So we take monorail to Bukit Bintang station. Double standard room with attach bathroom cost us 205rm/night, included BF. We already booked it via, so we will pay it at the moment we arrive. The receptionist is very friendly. Very nice to meet people like that in malaysia, usually malaysian people not respect to indonesian people like us.Because my group is 3adults, so i need to pay extra bed. First they offered me 120rm for 3night extra bed, but we can bargain, and finally the deal is 70rm. So for 3 nights it cost us 275RM. Good deal!!
CheckMate Guest House
After finish with the check-in things and rest a little bit, we continue our journey to Petaling Street, which is the famous chinatown in Malaysia. Petaling street, take LRT to mahalaraja station, and follow the sign "chinatown". After arrive at exit door, maybe u will a little confuse, FYI go to your right hand direction, and go straight without turn left or right. If you pass a temple on your right when you walk along the street, its a sign that you on the right direction! Just go straight until you find the big word said "petaling street". Its like pasar baru in jakarta!

Mahalaraja Station to Petaling Street
Try some local chinesse food here. Many stall sell Bags, watches, and sunglasses. You have to have a good bargain skill if you want to shopping here, because they dont provide the price tag in the goods. We can go to petaling with LRT and stop at Mahalaraja Station or Pasar Seni station. If you like traditional and unique things, you have to visit pasar seni market. Indoor and also air conn inside. 

 Thursday, 6sept2012 

The guesthouse is clean enough, but the air circulation not so good at all, because there is no window attached on the room. No TV and  also the damp walls from the no-window effect. The linen and the blanket is clean.  But because there is a house still in construction progress beside the guesthouse, so it will a little crowded in the morning. Oh yeah, the guesthouse provided little breakfast for the guest. Some bread and jam, also coffee and hot water. No tea. Hehehe...  

The Room
The wall is very thin, so when people talking outside the room, you still hear their voice. Well actually its good place to stay, if only you back in the night and go have some adventure outside in the morning.  

Checkmate Guest House
08 Jalan Rembia, Off Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Map Bukit Bintang Station to Check Mate Guest House
Today i'm going to sunway lagoon! Yeayy~~~ I buy the ticket online, RM 60 each pax for 3 Parks which are Water Park, Amusement Park, & Wildlife Park. So to claim my ticket, i need to show the printed e-ticket and pay 10RM for deposit to get the wristband. 

I take LRT to kl sentral, and from there, walk to tun sambathan street and take bus no U63 to sunway. The bus cost us 2,5rm/pax. 50-60minutes in the bus, because of traffic jam, until you arrive at sunway Pyramid. Sunway is not recommended! Dufan and Waterboom in jakarta is much much much better than this. 

The Bus Stop at Tun Sambathan Street
Ughhh and i completely feel lied! I rent a tube which is cost me 10RM for nothing! The counter lady said that i sure need single tube for play some ride. But actually really!!! YOU DONT NEED THE TUBE! Trust me! If u rent a tube, make sure u always keep the tube with u, dont leave it all alone for a long time, if not? Somebody will take it, and your tube will be missing. After that, u will lost your deposit as the price as rent price. 

I experienced it, argh... But i looked for it, and found my tube was with somebody. Of course i take it back! Fiuhh... Oh ya, forget to tell you something. In the entrance you will pass the baggage check. So make sure u dont bring food and drink from outside. But you can bring an empty bottle, because there's many tap water inside. Hehehe...

To go back to KL Sentral, you have to cross the bridge in front of the sunway pyramid main lobby. So its an opposite direction when you coming. The bus stop is under the bridge. I found a street stall that sell Lamongan-Indonesian food. My mom buy 1 set of ayam penyet, but its not cheap at all. 6RM is the price.

I asked the information at sunway before, about which bus that go to KL Sentral, they said U63/67. But i asked again to the lady who sell indonesian food, and she said almost every bus go to KL Sentral from this bus stop. So when bus no U76 coming, i ask the driver and yes! The bus go to KL Sentral too. Yeay... I'm very tired of walking. So hurryyyy~~~ same like before, it cost me 2,5RM/pax. After that we go to hostel directly. 

Friday, 7sept2012

7:30am in the morning, i go to KLCC. The plan is go to skybridge, because the website said that we can visit the skybridge for FREE, but the tickets are limited, only 1000 first visitors. From BukitBintang, i take LRT to bukit nanas (1.2RM). From bukit nanas, exit the LRT then you can walk straight to the KLCC, but instead of walking, from there i exit the LRT and across the street to the in front of Renaissance Hotel. There is a bus stop in front of the Hotel, you can wait any bus number which is almost every bus will pass the KLCC. 1RM for the bus.

Ughhh when i arrive at KLCC, i follow the direction to visit the skybridge, and people already standing waiting the tickets counter to open. And i shock when i see the price for visit the sky bridge!! You have to pay 80RM for adult to go up! HAH!!??!! But the website said its free! They trick us! Cihhh... So i asked the guard that standing next to the ticket counter, and they said the website still under maintenance. Ha...ha...!!!

The shopping mall open at 10am, so i came for nothing. Haizzz... So i wake up early in the morning just for being tricked. Hiks.... Okay then, so i will go back to the hostel. I plan to walk, but when i arrive at the bus stop in front of Suria KLCC, ahaa---- i found a free service bus to BukitBintang. Its "GoKL Citybus" with purple color. So i hop in, and hop out at Bukit Bintang with free. Yeayy~~~~ Today i finish my day at bukit bintang area. I see HK market on the 6th floor of Sungei Wang Plaza. Found cheap cloth and pants. And my friend got cute and cheap sandals. 

GoKL Citybus - FREE

Ahhh, also i found the GoKL Citybus route, here for you!! :)

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