Saturday, 8 April 2017

Korean-Japan Omelette Roll ala bazk3t

My mom cook for me everyday, but sometimes when she and me just bored eating meals that made by same hand everyday, she will let me become a home chef  on the time to make something different. lol. Today's Menu is Omelette Roll, yeay!!

Just to the point, lets prepare the ingredients:
- 3 or 4 beaten eggs
- chopped green onion / can add chopped carrot and onion also
- beef corned / spam / sausage or any meats available
- tomato sauce
- dried salted seaweed layers
- cooked rice
- oil for fry
Well, make sure all ingredients are available before cooking, and i always choose simple dish with simple ingredients that you can find at your home anytime. So why Korean Japan then? Because Japan Omurice Roll is not using dried seaweed layer, and korean omelette roll do. And Korean omelette roll is not using tomato sauce on rice. I mix all of this, and become Korean-Japan Omelette Roll ala chef bazk3t!

Lets make it then!
1. Heat the oil, just like 2-3 table spoon, and put all chopped things (such as green onion, carrot, and onion), stir it for like 3minutes.
2. Add meats, i am using beef corned, stir again until you can smell the deliciousness.
3. Add rice and tomato sauce. Mix it gently until properly mixed. Then put it aside for a while.

Now this is the hardest part, but challenging!
1. Add 1-2 table spoon of oil, and add the eggs but not all of it. Just like 1/4 portion.
2. With low heat, spread it even on the pan, and let it cooked slowly.
3. After like half cooked, you add the dried salted seaweed layers in front off the eggs, and add the rice that we cooked and mixed before.
4. Now you have to roll and flip!! And let the dish only taking half side of the pan... and again add more eggs in the clean side of the pan, then roll it again. Do it until all eggs finish!!
Well... not so beautiful, but still taste okay!
Yeahhh hardest part because i put too much rice, but still... tasted good ya. I am just thinking, for next time, i should put some chopped chili to make it more indonesian-ish. LOL Or adding some cheese to make it more western-ish sounds good also!! Yeahhh, people do that, so why not?!

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